Why Trez

MaxComfort — Patented in the U.S.

Tréz bio-progressive aligners are exclusive to our system. Want a more comfortable and efficient way to a straighten your smile? Tréz MaxComfort is for you!

How does it work? MaxComfort mimics what top orthodontists do with their brackets and wires. First, you start with a soft aligner that preps your teeth at a cellular level for the osteoclast & osteoblast process. Next, the medium aligner initiates movement with improved efficiency. Last, the hard aligner completes the movement similar to a finishing wire with braces. This results in a more comfortable and timesaving solution to straightening your smile.

But Wait...There's More to Tréz!
Completely Clear

You’ve probably noticed that many other aligners have visible lines in their aligners. That is a result of out-of-date manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art production process delivers totally transparent aligners.

Less Ugly Attachments

Leading providers use attachments that are bonded to your teeth...no fun! Because Tréz covers more surface area, challenging tooth movements can be accomplished without the need of attachments.

Gum Coverage

Many published studies have shown that additional aligner coverage of the gums gives more control, a greater degree of leverage, increased retention, added comfort, and better results.

Created by an Orthodontist

Tréz authorized local dentists prescreen you and oversee your care to ensure the optimal results. Our doctors put your oral health first.

Made in the USA

Unlike leading providers who manufacturer outside the country, all of our aligner production takes place in Provo, Utah.